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Not your average Southern cookbook!

June 24, 2012 by Nicki

The World in a SkilletWorld in a Skillet by Paul & Angela Knipple

I’m not used to my southern cookbooks providing detailed instructions on how to make sashimi.

This is an unusual “southern” cookbook because it focuses on what the authors call “The global South” — the first generation immigrants, from Mexico, Cuba, Vietnam, India, Kurdistan, Bosnia….you get the idea.

Each recipe is part instruction, part family memory, part short story. The first page is devoted, not to how make the dish, but what you need to know to make the dish: the history , the background, the cook, the place. Tucked into this section are the tips and tricks for cooking that are passed along from family member to family member, so it’s worth the time to read it all through. Each recipe also has good information about substitutions, if you can’t get a particular ingredient, or want to try a variation. The recipe for Cuban-style black beans and rice, for example, gives different styles of sofrito you can try.

The end result is a “Southern” cookbook like you have never seen before, but one that is absolutely, authentically Southern just the same.

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